unxtm is a tool to concatenate files solit by Xtremsplit.

unxtm follows spec from version 1.1 of xtm file format.


This software is written with Perl, you need:

  • Perl (test with 5.10)
  • module Digest::MD5, available in the Debian package libmd5-perl

Just copy the file unxtm din the /usr/local/bin directory, you can now use:

$ unxtm
Usage: unxtm [option] <file.001.xtm>
Option can be:
  * -v: print verbose information
  * -m: check md5 signature


Available options :

  • -v : more verbose output (not very useful for a normal usage).
  • -m : check md5 hash. In verbose mode, list every hash, even without error.


You can find this software on : ia subversion repository.

The version 0.1 is available as a tar.gz archive: unxtm version 0.1


Character encoding of filename isn't known, so meta data information isn't reliable. So there is a filter on filename to keep only good characters.

The last md5 hash isn't check yet.


GPLv3 or above.